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David “Curse” Holmén

admin/ December 20, 2017/ Profiles

  David “Curse” Holmén is the founder of Nethron E-Sport. He dedcide to to start an organazation because of CS:GO. As he founded nethron he is the CEO of Nethron. Any concerns about the website or anything, use the contact form in the page “Contact Us” and write your question.                    

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New logo

admin/ January 1, 2018/ General News

Hey guys! We in Nethron though we would get our own logo and that no one can just buy our logo. So we decided to buy an custom made logo by Modurist ! And the outcome is very good! And that’s the actuall reason why we are changing so often but we will stick to this one!   Best regards

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We are recruting

admin/ December 20, 2017/ General News

Hello! We in Nethron E-Sport are now trying to expand our rosters in other big games. So with that said, we are searching full rosters in other big games for an example: PUBG, Rocket League, League Of Legends, H1Z1 and Fortnite. If you are interested, contact us by our form in “Contact Us” Page or directly email us at: Contact@NethronEsport.com

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New website

admin/ December 17, 2017/ General News

Hello, we thought that we would mix things up, so we decided to pretty much change the whole website. By this, we think that this look more professional and more cleaner. Please tell us what you think 🙂

Welcome to Nethron E-Sport

admin/ December 17, 2017/ General News

Hello! This is the official website for Nethron E-Sport, hopefully you think it us just as awsome as we think. Any question or concern? Contact us in the “Contact Us” page. Have a nice day 🙂   Best Regards Admins | Nethron E-Sport